Bangladesh Navy Searching for About 80 Fishermen Missing Since Cyclone

Bangladesh’s navy was searching for 81 fishermen still missing Thursday in the Bay of Bengal after a devastating cyclone killed several people and left thousands homeless.

Of 144 fishermen missing, the Bangladesh Naval Force rescued 33 and Indian Naval Force rescued 30, said Mostaque Ahmed, head of the Cox’s Bazar Mechanized Fishing Boat Owners Association.

Cyclone Mora, with winds up to 135 kph (85 mph) and heavy rain, hit southeast Bangladesh around Cox’s Bazar and the border with neighboring Myanmar Tuesday, leaving thousands of Muslim Rohingya refugees hunkered down in ruined camps.

The Bangladeshi government estimates that there are 350,000 Rohingyas in Bangladesh following a new influx last October, when the Myanmar army launched an offensive in response to insurgent attacks.

Authorities in Cox’s Bazar and neighboring Chittagong district evacuated 350,000 people from low-lying areas before the storm roared in from the Bay of Bengal Tuesday.

“Though the fishermen were rescued, most of the boats, the main instrument for our survival are totally damaged and it is not possible to get them replaced quickly as we are not solvent,” Ahmed told Reuters by phone from Cox’s Bazar.

“Still we are grateful to the government as now the air force with helicopters is searching the remaining missing fishermen.”

Cyclone Mora formed after monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, off India’s southern tip, killing 202 people in recent days, authorities said.

дата публікації: 01-06-2017



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