UN Security Council to Have Emergency Meeting on Israel, Palestinians

The U.N. Security Council has scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday to discuss the recent violence between Israelis and Palestinians — the most brutal fighting between the rivals in years.

Clashes erupted late Saturday in the Old City of Jerusalem, where hundreds of Muslim men defiantly held evening prayers outside after being denied entrance to the holy site Muslims call Noble Sanctuary and Jews call Temple Mount.

Earlier in the day, Israeli officials said they searched the West Bank home of a Palestinian who broke into a home and stabbed to death three Israelis during their dinner.

Two of the victims died Friday soon after the attack in the area known as Neve Tsuf, north of Ramallah. Another victim died later in the day.

The assailant was shot by Israeli police and is hospitalized in Israel. He has been identified as Omar al-Abed, 20. Officials have arrested his brother, searched his family home in the West Bank, and taken steps to have it demolished.

While Israeli security officers were at al-Abed’s family home, Palestinian onlookers gathered to throw stones and burn tires in protest.

The Israelis reportedly responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denounced the attack on the Israeli family as “an act of terror, carried out by an animal who was incited with unfathomable hatred.”

On Friday, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmood Abbas announced he would freeze ties with Israel until metal detectors newly installed at the holy site were removed. The metal detectors were put in after two Israeli police officers were killed there by Arab gunmen.

дата публікації: 23-07-2017



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