Ex-Chad Dictator Habre’s Appeal Against Conviction Begins

The appeal of ex-Chad president Hissene Habre against his life sentence for war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture has begun in Senegal by the Extraordinary African Chambers.


The hearing opened Monday marking the final stage in the first universal jurisdiction case in Africa, and the first conviction of a former head of state by an African court for crimes against humanity.


Habre was sentenced to life in prison on March 30. The court on July 29 ordered him to pay tens of millions of dollars in compensation to victims who suffered under his 1982-1990 rule.


Habre’s court-appointed lawyers have appealed the conviction. The victims’ lawyers have also appealed, calling for the creation of trust fund for the victims.


The trial against Habre began in July 2015.


дата публікації: 09-01-2017



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