Australians Rally to Condemn ‘Racist and Sexist’ Trump

Thousands of people have joined an anti-Donald Trump rally in Sydney. It is part of a series of global protests following the inauguration of the new U.S. president.

Protesters came to challenge what rally organizers called the “hateful rhetoric” of the new U.S. president.  They have accused Donald Trump of “normalizing sexism and racism.”

Protesters marched on the American consulate in Sydney, united in anger and fear at what Trump’s leadership could mean for human rights, as well as international trade and security.

“I am outraged when I look at the appointments of the cabinet members. I mean this is really stupidity taking over the world. This has global implications,” said one female participant.

“I think it is terrifying and I think it is only going to get worse; what is going to happen in the Middle East, United Nations’ organizations (and) institutions, NATO.  The world as we know it is in for a terrible, terrible time,” said another.  

Author and Australian television personality Tracey Spicer told the crowd they were part of a global movement.

“Today we celebrate the power of all women and issue a clarion call for human rights, dignity and civility.  Our call will echo through 600 cities across seven continents,” Spicer said.

Earlier, a global series of anti-Trump rallies had begun in New Zealand, where about 2,000 people marched in four cities.

дата публікації: 21-01-2017



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