Kenya Supreme Court Nullifies Election, Calls for New Vote

Kenya’s Supreme Court has nullified the results of last month’s presidential election that handed a victory to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The court said Friday the electoral board has committed “irregularities and illegalities” during the vote, harming the integrity of the election.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga had petitioned the court to throw out the results of the August vote. Odinga says the results that had him losing to Kenyatta by about 1.4 million votes were false.

Kenya’s constitution says fresh elections now must be held in 60 days.

Since the election, the National Super Alliance, or NASA, opposition coalition has argued that the voting system was hacked, leading to a stolen election.

Kenya’s treasury says the government allocated $483 million for the election with $415 million directed to the electoral commission, known as the IEBC.

Kenyan researcher Nanjala Nuyabola says despite these large sums, there still were problems with the voter registry, the transmission of vote counts and a delay in the release of polling station tally forms.

“We were promised a digital election. We didn’t have a digital election,” Nuyabola said. “The only thing that was digital was the voter registration. Everything else was 100 percent manual. So it makes you wonder, what did we spend all this money on?”

One week before the election, the electoral commission’s chief of IT systems, Chris Msando, was found tortured and murdered. Scheaffer Okore, a program officer at political engagement organization Siasa Place, says he doubts that authorities are investigating the murder.

дата публікації: 01-09-2017



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