Argentina’s Macri Says How Prosecutor Died in 2015 Remains Unclear

Argentine President Mauricio Macri says it’s still not clear how a crusading prosecutor died in 2015.


Macri says that it’s vital for his country to clear up the politically charged case and determine how Alberto Nisman died and “who did it.”


Macri’s English-language comments Tuesday in New York follow a recent forensic report from a border police investigation that argues Nisman was accosted by two people in his apartment, drugged and then shot in the head.


Its conclusions were based on controversial new evidence and contradict previous findings that Nisman likely killed himself.


Nisman died four days after he formally accused then-president Cristina Fernandez of covering up Iranian officials’ role in a 1994 bombing that killed 85 people at a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. Fernandez has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

дата публікації: 08-11-2017



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