FBI Seizes Online Classified Website Backpage.com

The free classifieds website, Backpage.com, was seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday, according to an announcement on the Backpage.com website.

The website offers a wide variety of goods and services for sale, but critics say the vast majority of ads posted were in the “adult services” section. Authorities have said for years that many of the ads are thinly disguised offers for prostitution.

Visitors who went to the advertising website Friday after the FBI seizure were greeted with a notice from the FBI announcing its seizure.

The founder of backpage.com, Michael Lacey lives in Sedona, Arizona. The FBI confirmed to ABC15 there is law enforcement activity in the area. ABC15 also saw the FBI at Lacey’s home in Paradise Valley.

In addition, ABC15 crews saw the FBI at the Paradise Valley home of James Larkin, another founder of backpage.com.

This story was written by VOA

дата публікації: 07-04-2018



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