3 Dead After 2 Explosions in Nepal

Two powerful explosions in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, killed three people and injured at least five others on Sunday.

Though no group has claimed responsibility, police suspect that an outlawed communist organization, the Splinter Communist Group, was responsible for the blasts.

Police official Shyam Lal Gyawali said authorities are investigating the two explosions that happened in two Kathmandu neighborhoods an hour apart from each other.

Police quickly secured both areas and victims were taken to nearby hospitals. Security forces in the region are on “high alert” and officers are patrolling neighborhoods in Nepal’s capital.

The Splinter Communist Group broke away from the Maoist party that fought government forces from 1996 to 2006.

Members of the Maoist party had ceased their armed revolt and entered mainstream politics.

In February, the Splinter Communist Group was suspected of involvement in another explosion that killed one person outside the office of a telecom company Ncell, part of Malaysia-based Axiata Group Berhad.

The government then banned the group following the incident, and forbade their activities.

дата публікації: 26-05-2019



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