Bahamas Officials: 2,500 Listed Missing in Dorian’s Wake

Officials in the Bahamas say 2,500 people are listed as missing more than a week after Hurricane Dorian ravaged Abaco and Grand Bahama islands.

Authorities say a number of those unaccounted for may be staying in shelters or were evacuated from the islands. They say official lists are still being drawn up.

“Everyone on the islands [is] missing someone. It’s totally devastating,” an Abaco tour guide said Wednesday. The guide said she has not seen a number of friends and several cousins since the storm.

The death toll from Dorian stands at 50, but as the search for victims goes on, officials expect that number to climb substantially.

Commercial flights to Abaco were set to resume on a limited schedule Wednesday, but authorities say relief flights and evacuation planes have priority.

Early estimates say the Category 5 hurricane — the strongest storm to ever strike the Bahamas — caused about $3 billion in damage.


дата публікації: 12-09-2019



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